Thursday, May 1, 2008

Saving Money

My friend, Lori found a Great Site that gives coupons and coupon codes (for online ordering). She's used it three times in the last month and have saved tons of money.

She says "Some of the codes are hit and miss, but most do work. You'll see success percentages next to the codes- so start with the high percentages."

She said "I'm not getting any payment for advertising this site, by the way. I'm just helping out ma peeps save some of their hard earned cash."

I used this site last night when ordering a three-pack stylus for my Palm. It cost 4.99 and shipping was 5.99. When I typed in the code it took off 4.99! So basically it cost me only shipping! I am putting this on my site mostly for my reference, because I have found myself going back to Lori's blog and looking up her post to find the link.



1 comment:

RisibleGirl said...

You are quite welcome. I used it again yesterday and bim-bam-boom... I saved 20%!

There is a downside though. Instead of saving money, I think- well... I was willing to spend "x" amount, and now I have this much more I can spend and go back to shopping.

Oh well- more outfits for the ladies room fashion show, eh? :)



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