Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yo Mama wears Army Boots!

I had to get a picture of my station. The orange tags show the names of the people who are in the hole right now. The clip board is where I write their names and the time they went in and came out. I brought some flowers. I actually had it better by the end of the day, with a little table cloth on that bucket that says: "NIGHT HOLE WATCH DO NOT TOUCH" She always left the place a mess with wrappers and all sorts of junk, I am not too sure why she was so sensative about someone touching her stuff. I had to sanitize the clip board and pen every day to use it. yech

This next picture is a view of the inside of the tent to the outside. You can see part of the Power Plant. The large containers hold the two parts of epoxy. They are called the "milk cows". This year we had to have a heater on in the tent to keep them warm, so I dubbed them the "sacred cows".

I was asked about the fumes. The only fumes I smell are the ones that come with when a bucket of unused epoxy reacts. It actually smokes. I had a spot thermometer that I could point at a smoking bucket and it was registered 335 degrees.
This bucket was so hot it melted the bucket and the burning epoxy turned black and flowed outside the bucket! This puts out fumes as it smokes. The buckets have to be taken outside and left on the ground as they smoke, and until they cure. The smoke is really nasty, and because of one undetected one in the tent, I got a headache last week. The big bosses made me stay in their trailer for over an hour to make sure I was better. Now I notice the least whiff of the stuff and make sure all the hot buckets are outside. Last week someone in Tent B put one in the dumpster, and they had a spectacular dumpster fire. I didn't get a picture, because I am not allowed to be out of sight of the holes.

Oh by the way, they call the other tent, Tent B, but they call us A Hole. Then they all laugh.
There are some raunchy things said, but most of the stuff is cleaned up for my sake. My boss loves me because my presence makes them mostly behave themselves. His wife told me that last year after the outage was over. Our cars happened to be parked beside each other at a restaurant the last day of the outage. She had driven to be with him for the clean up, since he had been out of town for 3 1/2 weeks. He saw me and introduced us. She jumped out of her car and ran over to meet me. She said she was so happy to finally meet the lady her husband had so much praise for. "He has been talking about you ever since the first year you worked for him. Among other things, you totally clean up the raunchy language, just by your presence."

Speaking of jokes, several have been told that were funny.

Three friends die and get to Heaven about the same time. They are issued their halos with the warning that any impure thoughts would cause the halo to fall off. Right then a beautiful girl walks past and two men's halos fall off. The other one still stood there. But when the first two bent over to pick their halos up, the third guy's halo falls off.

It is funnier if you tell it using your friend's names.

Here is the second one:
Three guys die and are at the Pearly Gates awaiting to be admitted into Heaven. St. Peter comes to the gate. He tells the first guy that in 1999 he cheated on his taxes. For that sin, he would have to spend eternity with this girl. She walks in and is one of the ugliest people he had ever seen. The first guy protests and asks about his two friends, they cheated on their taxes too didn't they? Just then an even uglier lady walks in. St. Peter explains to the second guy. You cheated on your taxes every year. For that you have to spend eternity with her.

Next a beautiful woman walks in. The first two look incredulous. "We KNOW he is not innocent, what is this?"
St Peter explains: "She cheated on her taxes."

So it is bedtime, I am exhausted. Probably only two or three more days and I am done. YEA

more later


RisibleGirl said...

I can imagine those boots!

You look so nice for being in a construction (or whateveryoucallit) site.

That says a lot about you that the guys are willing to tame down their language for your sake. I think that's awfully cool.

Sailor said...

Hi Friend,
Well, only a couple of days left for this job. It has been a lot of fun to drive to and from work with you. I am glad that I have such an adventurous wife. You really are a multitalented ball of fun.

Andrew Hahn said...

It's interesting to see where you work. It wasn't at all what I was expecting it to look like. For whatever reason I expected it to look like something out of either the Minority Report of Gattaca. I guess a "tent" made of scaffolding and tarp is, if not exciting, more realistic.


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