Tuesday, March 18, 2008

unintentional practical joke

We have one of those hand-held shower heads. With this model one has the option of leaving it on the mount and showering like normal, or to get hard to reach places, like your legs and feet you can pull it off the mount and spray. Sometimes when he has taken a full shower the night before Sailor just washes his hair in the mornings. He pulls the shower head off its mount and concentrates the water on his hair:
Usually he puts the shower head back on it's holder, but today for some reason he had not. It was left on the shower floor, spray part pointing upward.
Later, during my normal, but sleepy morning routine, I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the hot water, like usual. But instead of having the water flowing onto the walls of the shower stall to warm up, suddenly cold water was spraying all over me and the room behind me. I had to reach across this cold stream of water to turn it back off.
I don't think he could have come up with a better practical joke if he had planned it. . .

This day will be a good one I'm sure. . . if I set my mind to it.

have a great day as well



Sailor said...

Yikes!!! Wow, I had no idea I didn't put the shower head back... I guess that I am just glad that I don't have to mess with high explosives early in the morning. I probably wouldn't have too many mornings. You are sweet to laugh about it. Love you.

RisibleGirl said...

Oh how I laughed at that. I can totally picture it because I have the same type of shower.

Fortunately BER and I have our own showers- so if it happened, it would be all my fault.

Well, unless the house cleaners did it- and know what? I wouldn't put it past them.

Thanks for the chuckle!

yardsnacker said...

That is hilarious!


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