Thursday, March 6, 2008

new callings

I mentioned our new calling in the Church, in the last post, so I will explain. Our official title is "Facilitator in the Daily Dose Program". It is actually a missionary calling, but all we do is teach English to anyone who wants to learn twice a week. It is quite a sweet calling but the Bishop informed the Stake (when they asked him to get permission to call us) that we were not getting released from our current callings, which are Young Men 2nd Counselor and Relief Society 2nd Counselor. That is OK, since our wonderful Prophet's funeral where they said he wore himself out serving the Lord. I don't mind following such a great example, if that is what I am required to do. It has been a bit taxing, and I notice that I have cut out lots of other things because of how exhausted I am.

Having just said that, now I will explain further: I don't know if poor Sailor will get released from his calling in Young Men, but a week ago Sunday the RS first counselor was sustained as the Stake RS 2nd Counselor. It caught us both off guard. Paula (RS President) and I both reported that at that announcement, we leaned to the person next to us and asked, (was that who I thought it was?) Paula said, "MY Lois?"

Now last Sunday I got an indication from Paula that after we get past the Stake RS Enrichment thing where we are in charge of the food on Saturday, and the Ward RS Enrichment Birthday party the next Wednesday, that actually I will be released after all. (two weeks from now) *whew* I guess the poor RS President has to stay, but she is making a clean sweep, since both her counselors are now busy with other callings. Poor Paula. She has gone through the death of her dad while she was serving as RS President and the very poor health and almost death of her mom.

We as a Presidency are all worn out. Since we were called two years ago in December, we have had 22 funerals and 22 babies born. I don't know of any other ward that has had that many funerals. We are required to serve the bereaved a luncheon after the funeral and it basically takes all day. That is an average of almost one funeral per month. Although I remember once when we did two funerals in one day. Poor Paula served as a counselor in RS for two years before she was made President and I know she is exhausted.

In this English Teaching calling, we meet with the Spanish people twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday night at 7pm for a half hour. These people are so sweet and thankful. And even though it is hard at the end of Sunday and Wednesday (after my grueling trip up north to choir Tuesdays) to drag ourselves out of the house, we always come home more enriched than the people we teach, I'm sure. It is a gratifying job. And secretly. . .well, maybe not secretly, I have been looking forward to being released from Relief Society for a very long time.

::Annie heaves a huge sigh::


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Sailor said...

It is fun to serve with you Friend. I like going to the meetings with you instead of going our separate ways.


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