Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grand Daughter, Happy Easter All

Yesterday was my oldest grand daughter's 7th birthday. She has known how to speed dial me since she was about three years old. I quite enjoy these darling conversations and am so grateful her darling parents have allowed her to do this. It is an amazing treat for me. She called yesterday afternoon to report about her birthday, and Sailor was home to hear the conversation:

"Hi Grandma, Guess what I am wearing?"

"Well, I don't know, Sweetie, what are you wearing?"

She proceeded to tell me she had a brand new backpack with a flashlight and water bottle that she got from Nona, the Other Grandmother. Then she listed all the gifts she had opened and what kind of cake she had, and that it was all eaten up now. Then:

"Thank you for the money, by the way."

"You are welcome! What will you buy with it?"

She reported that she was saving her money for something special, but she doesn't know what is special enough to buy yet.

Then we got a book report on her latest most favorite chapter-book she is reading. She read the latest poem she had written that the teacher had her copy onto a poster and was hanging in the school room. She had been sick on Sunday and had to miss Sunday School with her mother who was also sick. She is a great talker and always has many things to tell us when she calls.

Usually at this point, she begs for some sort of story from our childhood, so we have been reaching into the back closets of our minds and saving them up, in case she decides she wants a Story-On-Demand. We were ready with a few, and even started to tell her a couple, but she wasn't interested in listening this time, just talking. So we listened and asked appropriate questions.

The next topic was about the amazing remote-controlled car she got that fits Barbie dolls. She began to describe this amazing car. It had everything. It is more equipped than the little Grand Am I drive, for heaven's sakes!

"Did I tell you it was remote-controlled?"
"Oh, Yes you did, that is amazing!"

As as she was talking, she was discovering new features on this car and was excitedly reporting to us and her Younger Sister who happened to be nearby.

"OH, Look YS it has little rear-view mirrors! And it has neat seat covers and the steering wheel looks metal, and. . . IT HAS A TRUNK!"

I told her that with a trunk the Barbie's could go on trips and pack their clothes in the trunk.

About this time, she interrupted and said, "You don't have to talk anymore, Grandma. Even I am getting tired of talking. I love you! Bye!" And she hung up without any more fanfare.

Sailor and I just laughed and laughed over that. It is a First for this Girl. She usually has to be told by her folks to hang up and she does that with great reluctance and sadness.

But today, after all, was her birthday and her parents had hit the Jack Pot with this gift that she could hardly wait to play with. Grand children are so much fun!

On another note. This weekend is Easter. Happy Easter Everyone! My weatherman/choir director informed us that this is the earliest Easter Sunday since 1913, and it won't happen again until March 2228. He explained that "Easter is the first Sunday, after first full moon, after the first day of Spring."

Because I have been working for a contractor who works at the Power Plant's outage for that last few April's I have missed a couple of Easter Sundays, and have felt so deprived. This year it is early enough that I will get to celebrate it! But this year all the kids have other plans.

Someday I will write a post on my earliest memory of Easter. It snowed, and the Easter Bunny actually came inside our house to hide the eggs. He left tracks on the porch. It was so magical and amazing. I am in awe of my father, who was an artist, by the way. He was such a cute Daddy.

Happy Easter to all. Enjoy another edition of Savage Chickens on the subject of the Easter Bunny.


Sailor said...

That was a cute post Friend. It was a fun conversation. I am glad you captured it.

RisibleGirl said...

OH how sweet! I can't wait until I get to have conversations like that.

I love talking to Riley (my pseudo grandbaby) in person because he's so expressive. I giggle throughout the entire conversation.

Hey, the "memory lane" piece of your post got me to thinking...have you ever heard about "journal in a jar"? It's a bunch of slips of paper in a jar that asks you to tell stories about "x" (example: what is the first toy you ever remember receiving? or memories of certain events at school, etc.) It's something I got from RS and it's a great way to spark the family history stories. I'm thinking about incorporating it into family holidays.

Let me know if you haven't heard of this and I'll send the word doc to you.



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