Sunday, December 16, 2007

A weekend visit

I have this darling grandson. He is about 18 months. His mom D2, dad SIL2 and he came to visit this weekend. This little chap just touches my heart and I am in LOVE. He can do no wrong, no matter what his little hands are into, and believe me, he gets into everything. He is so precious. He loves the kitty and says "giggle, giggle" for kitty kitty. That is how he calls the kitty, (here kitty, kitty) is "giggle giggle". I love to hold him up next to the door window and we look at the kitty and talk to it.

I look around and see all the things that little guy touched and I miss him so much. They are only about 2 hours away, but it is a great big deal to come see us. Besides having to bring the whole house, all his furniture and stuff, they have to coincidentally have to get the same days off from work as well. So it is rare to get them to come. She needed my help on some Christmas projects.
They will be back next week, and he will be the only one of the grandchildren here, so he will be the center of attention. It will be a fun celebration.
I feel so blessed and lucky.

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