Friday, August 31, 2007

::sighs:: . . . and counting blessings

For some reason I feel sad today.

Maybe it was being awakened by the news on the television that there was a memorial service for Princess Diana. It seems impossible that she has been dead for 10 years. I really admired her, but didn't envy her of her position as Princess or her marriage. It is a sad ending to such a sweet chapter in life. She was much too young to die.

Maybe it is because I am exhausted from working hard, helping my sweet daughter clean my sister's house. My sister has been on a mission for 23 months with her husband, and D1 & her husband lived in it, and took care of it while they were gone. I don't think there is one square inch that wasn't swept, dusted, washed or rug-doctored in that entire house. D2 and her sweet husband, S3, Sailor and I all helped D1 & her husband to get it into shape for her. We are all tired. D1 and spouse are really the heroes. They worked very hard.

Also, today is the funeral of a 20-year-young girl from our town, who was killed in a boating accident. Her promising young life already snuffed out by a distracted boat driver. I feel for these sweet parents and all involved.

And on the news today, was a story of a young missionary, who, the day before he left on his mission, had a car accident, crashed into a tree and is dead. 19 years young. Another young promising life snuffed out. Very sad.

Then there is a friend told me some devastating news which has pressed on my mind and heart since she told me.

On the other hand, another neighbor told of two medical miracles that happened in their lives this summer, both life saving procedures, that gave them more years to their elderly lives. I am happy for them.

And I have my sweet husband home early from work today, with a promising 4-day weekend. All my children are healthy and happily married, or soon-to-be married. I have 8 beautiful, healthy and CUTE grandchildren. That is a huge blessing.

And best of all, my older sister and her husband are returning today from her 2-year long mission in Africa. Welcome home, Sis! We sure have missed you two.

So I guess it equals out. If I count my blessings and/or do something for someone else, when I am down, it makes me happy.

So there you have it.


Kay Dennison said...

What an angel you are! I really admire your empathy and kindness, Annie!

Katie said...

yeah super sad for those families who lost such young family members... but on the other hand they will get different opportunities you and i won't get you know in heaven. don't be sad, because everything happens for a reason. and their families will be comforted and blessed for all of their efforts.

RisibleGirl said...

((((Sweet Annie))))) You do have a lot on your mind, don't you!

I sure hope that something good happens this four day (four? What the heck? I only get three!) day weekend to make you super happy.

I'm glad you enjoyed the teen angst on my blog. It was sure fun for me to read about what a dork I was as a teen. If you have any old journals, you should get them out. If nothing else, they'll make you smile to see how far you've come.

xoxoxoxo (to infinity!)


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