Friday, July 20, 2007

Osmonds and our choir

My Blog Friend mentioned Donny Osmond in her blog. It was funny she mentioned him of all people. I was at a dinner yesterday and this young guy looked like he could be Donny's son. My friend said that she thought he HAD to be an Osmond. After watching him at the other table for quite some time and speculating, we finally found out the truth. He WAS an Osmond! He was Merell's son, and he was also deaf like his father. He reads lips. He was so very nice. We were introduced and our choir director asked him how hard it was to get Marie to come sing with us next Summer at our Pops Concert? Jason said it was totally feasible. He talks to her on the phone practically every day. Our director and he exchanged emails and said they would set things up. How amazing is that? It was fun to see the wheels turning in the director's head. He is always linking us up with someone fun to perform with us in our concerts. In the Christmas Pops Concert, we always have some local celebrity singing with us, as well as the Summer Pops Concert.
The coolest thing about this is not their stardom, but the realization you get that they are really pretty normal people, and most times very humble, when you are expecting a royal air about them.
Nothing is set in concrete yet, but it is fun to see who and what our director has up his sleeves. He chooses the most wonderful music to sing, and puts together some of the most awesome programs. We have decided he is in the business to make everyone look good. He manages to pull off something magic at every concert. I look forward to each new concert, and relish each moment I have with this choir.


Sailor said...

Hi Annie,
That would be fun. I think your director also has a knack for picking the talented and successful people that haven't let it go to their heads so much. That will be one not to miss.

RisibleGirl said...

That is SO cool!

I really like Marie too. I find her to be very down to earth. Back in the day when my brother and I were the "Donny and Marie" of California (so says my Mom), she used to talk to Olive (their mom) on the phone. She always said that Olive was very kind.

My dad was in the So. Cal Mormon choir and I got to attend lots of cool events thru that. Music was always a huge part of our lives.


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