Monday, July 30, 2007

The Heart Attack

I have mentioned before that my sister(Zeepter Beepter, or ZB) and I are great friends (see how I look at her? she was/still is so funny) and have been from the moment she was born, and I was 4 years old. Being the youngest of three girls for a long time, until my little bro was born 7 years later, ZB had her ways of getting attention. One of them was pestering. She wanted my attention 24/7 and sometimes I wasn't up for that much. She was strong and could tickle me until I wet my pants laughing. Then I would have to bite her or something to get her off me, so I could run to the bathroom. She LOVED to hide and jump out at you and scare the beejeebers out of you, then she would laugh. My poor little brother was terrified of the basement for years, because she had done that so many times to him.
So by the time I was in High School, I was used to her lurking, and when I entered my room, I learned to check my closet door. I had a closet that had two sliding doors. I learned that when one was just the teensiest bit open, that it was a given that she was behind that door awaiting me to open it so she could yell "Bleaaaahhhh" and make me run for the bathroom. So one day, when I entered my room, the closet door was open just a fraction of an inch. "Aha! ZB is lurking in there. I will show her, I WON'T OPEN IT AT ALL." It was a good plan, in theory.
I went about cleaning my room and several times, I almost opened it, to put something away, but caught myself. I placed the stuff to be put in the closet on the edge of my bed and continued to clean. I had my music on, and was happily cleaning.
Eventually, ZB realized that I knew that she was there, and I realized somewhere in that time that I knew that she knew that I knew she was in there.
But I continued to ignore her and let her stand there in my closet.

Then, in a moment of spaciness, I forgot. I opened it before I caught myself, and surprised her. She let out a yelp. I let out a yelp, I had forgotten she was in there, and her yelp surprised me. My yelp startled her and she screamed, and her scream startled me and I screamed.
There we stood screaming at each other
and Mom came running in to see what was the matter.
We looked at each other. . .
Nothing. :D
ZB calmly picked up her things she had kept in the closet to entertain her while she waited for me and walked out without another word.
Mom stood there looking confused and I went back to cleaning.
Poor Mom. Sometimes she just didn't understand us.
And sadly, I don't remember another time that my ZB hid in my closet after that. . .


Sailor said...

What a great narration! Knowing ZB and the closet that she was in, I felt like I was there. Kind of makes me think of my mountain man/artist roommate Doug. He lived his fantasies back in the 1800's in the West, and was always trying to count coup on me. That is, sneak up and touch me before I knew he was there. Mostly the floorboards gave him away, but it is really creepy to have someone sneak up and silently as an owl, touch you on your ear. Of course Doug liked to put a cap on his muzzleloader sometimes and pop it. Rang our ears. Seems to me people like Doug and ZB should be put on a special island where they can sneak up on each other day in and day out.

Andrew Hahn said...

Reminds me of my goober older brother who loved to hang out in our dark room and surprise me.

He once scared me so bad, I backed up against the wall screaming.

I was such a tough twelve year-old.

Kay Dennison said...

This is great, Annie!!!! Moms never really understand the dynamics of siblings' relationships.

Katie said...

haha i remember you telling that story to us when we were kids. and reflecting back on my own childhood i am afraid that i was the one in the closet... i don't know if i ever successfully scared anyone or not. but it sure was fun climbing into those closets... i mostly think that they turned into cleaning sprees... because i saw all of the crap up there. i actually quite enjoyed the cleaning and maybe that is why i never scared anyone!


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