Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Luggage? It's evaporated!

So Delta Airlines forgot to transfer my luggage when we got to LA. Which by the way was such a terrible airport.
we had to leave the building, and come back into another, which meant we had to go through security again. but we never got seating assignments so we had to stand in this line with hundreds of other tired, mostly India natives, who were checking their luggage and it was taking forever. Finally one man spotted us and asked us if we had luggage, then when we said no, he sent us to this really short line.
We got through security fine, but when we landed our luggage hadn't made it.
Sailor's arrived last night, but after checking things out, they reported mine headed to Malaysia, and wouldn't be here until tonight.
I had to wear my other outfit, and wash the first, which did NOT dry, so it is damp.
But that is okay, because being typhoon season, it is really hot, and rainy, so who isn't damp. It is just cold in the air conditioned hotel. Which, by the way is amazing. It is a 5 star, it turns out. Wow Nothing like it.
We now have Daniel in our possession, which is pretty amazing. We spent the day yesterday with an investigator who is amazing. He took us out to eat, then off to see his paintings. He has been working 3 years to get this display in the public works department, and his work is beautiful. He is a realist, so his painting of a leaf with a water drop looks like a photograph. We got to see Taiwan from the top of the mountain, but couldn't because was raining so hard. We got to see the devastation the earthquake 10 years ago caused on the way down. We got to see a temple, not Buddhist, something else, and the little lady there wanted to show and explain everything to us. Sailor said that most temple ladies are the same. Very cute.
We got to meet his sweet wife and baby later.
Today we head to Puli. We rent a car, and are starting our adventure with Daniel Liu, who will be our personal tour guide.
I get only 1/2 hour free on the internet here at the Landis Hotel and my time is up. More about the beautiful Farewell meeting yesterday morning with the 18 returning missionaries and parents and President and his wife.
bye for now


Mike said...

No Luggage! That STINKS! Malaysia! Craziness! Glad you made it there safe and sound. Enjoy your vacation, and take lots of pictures!

Katie said...

i didn't think that you were going to write! i am so glad i finally decided to check this! by now it is june 19 and you guys are home in three days!!! i can't wait to see everyone. be safe, i'm sorry to hear about your luggage... i am happy you get to travel and all but come home soon and bring my baby brother (and daddy too!).
love ya!


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