Monday, June 4, 2007

Getting ready for company. . . again

As the time draws closer to our departure to Taiwan to pick up our Missionary son, I look around and realize that the very next day when we get home, we will have several sets of siblings landing here, like a circling sea gulls over a freshly plowed field.
Not that Guitar RM Boy is a bug, mind you, but a great treat the siblings have all been patiently waiting for to return home.
So I look at all the once-occupied bedrooms in this great house and realize that they have been sadly neglected. I should hire a maid to come in and dust, vacuum and freshen the sheets from time to time.
The joyous thought that all six of my children will be gathered here, for the first time in I don't know how many years, on Saturday and Sunday after his Mission report spurs me into looking at those abandoned bedrooms through "company eyes".
I love when my mom has prepared my old room with fresh sheets, blankets, and a fresh coat of end dust. In the winter, near Christmas, she decorates the rooms with tiny Christmas trees with lights. Her house always looks so cheerful and hospitable.

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