Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two years is a LONG time

As I contemplate these last two years, part of me cannot believe that it has already flown by, and part of me feels like it has been a gazillion years since Guitar Player got his call in February of 05. I remember calling The Sailor and telling him to meet us on Jones Road, half way between home and work. We stood there by the side of the road as he opened his call and it said "You are called to serve in the Taiwan Taichung Mission".
Now it is only 10 days away from when we board that plane and fly to Taiwan to get him.
The new mission rules, which were made known after we purchased our tickets, are discouraging the parents from picking up their missionary. So our opportunity is indeed a rare and sweet one. We look forward to meeting the people he worked with, tasting the types of food he ate and seeing the countryside where he labored for two years.
Many things have happened while he was away. He left in May of 2005. His sister, The Nurse, got married just before he left, and had a baby a year later in May. Two of his sister-in-laws each had a baby as well. His grandpa died last year too. So he will have two nieces and one nephew with whom he can become acquainted.
In our humble town, Main Street looks much better. Several old buildings on Main Street have been torn down. New businesses have taken up residence in their places.
Now as I lay my suitcase out on the bed and begin to place folded clothes and belongings inside, I am realizing that this is for REAL.
It seemed like a dream in the far-away future to have him come home and almost an impossible notion to travel there.
Wish us luck. We don't read or speak a word of Chinese and feel anxiety about finding our way from the Taipei airport to the mission home in Taichung. He has arranged for a friend to be our guide, to drive our rented car and come along on all our Taiwan adventures. This is a happy anticipation, and relieves us greatly.
I will keep you updated on the adventures.


Sailor said...

These two years have been long for me as well. When the Tired Engineer and the Funky-Disco boy were gone, we had a busy house hold with the Nurse, Pixestylist, the Waterpolo Queen, and the Missionary. And their friends, and their activities swirling around us. These two years haven't been dull, but they have been different then when most of the family was home. It will be good to get this boy home, and have a few get togethers during this busy summer.

And then we will have some more in August when the Malowi Travelers come home. A great blessing to have everyone within striking distance (that is you T.E. :)

Andrew Hahn said...

I feel the same way - crazy that he's done, and wondering why it took so long.

RisibleGirl said...

What an awesome opportunity for you to be able to see where he's been the last two years.

I sure can't wait to read your journal when you're back!

Annieofbluegables said...

I don't have a wonderful Nokia n800 to take along, so my notes will have to be in my long hand journal then transferred to the typed word. . .
I like your way better, rg!


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