Friday, July 13, 2007


Our library had a Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition Service. We are the only library in Utah that got to have one of these. And I see only four places in Utah got to have it. So I feel privileged.
The librarian told us it took them two days to set it up and it came in 30 crates.

It is very interesting. I thought about our own fences in our back yard. We are surrounded by three different fences.
To the north is a 6' chain link fence. The 9 dogs next door can see through this fence and they bark at us.
The 6' old wooden fence to the east is nearly falling down. Those neighbors have a tiny "yip-yip" dog that can sneak through a hole in the fence. He is smaller than a cat. He likes to run through our sprinkler. When we come outside to chase him back, he barks at us, as though we are treading on HIS property.
The fence on the south side is a very rickety picket fence only 3 feet high. When our dog was young, she used to just sail over that fence like a deer. But before she died, she had such bad arthritis in her hips, she could barely walk. Our old neighbor next door cannot see. He is legally blind, but continues to plant a garden and live alone there. He stands at that picket fence and calls to my husband, to see if he is working back there. Usually he needs help on something.
It looks like the former owners of our house either were lazy, poor or didn't want fences. Maybe they drove the neighbors to build fences. They say good fences make good neighbors. Maybe the neighbors were trying to make good neighbors out of the former owners.
We have been contemplating building a fence to make good neighbors out of the dogs next door. I have mentioned before that they bark a lot and like to howl at the trains. I don't think a fence will mask out the sound, but if it is dense enough, they won't be able to see us and therefore won't bark at us?
How long have they lived next door? 14 years, and their dogs bark at us every time we come outside, as though they own our yard. Maybe a concrete fence will be thick enough to not alert them.
But like our fences, we will have to build in stages because our budget cannot afford to do all three sides at once.
More later. . .


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